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If you are a photographervideographerfilmmaker, or need an event space, you have reached the right place. We have been building this two-floor mega studio for a year now and we are so happy to have you visit our website today. This is simply a nice place near Boston to get your photos, videos, and production done. Don’t let your clients slip away because you don’t have a place to photograph them. Shooting a music video? Great! We have the space for you! Book today!

Now, let’s get down to business. We have everything you need to look professional in front of your clients. Your images will shine and come to life at Boston Studio Rentals. Our Braintree, MA facility is 640 square feet (20 feet wide by 32 feet long) with 12 foot ceilings.

Boston Studio Rental is the best photo and video rental space in New England. The studio is completely wrapped in white plastic to create beautiful soft white lighting. It’s very rare to find a complete, private twenty-four hour white studio. The studio is equipped with a booming sound system to impress your guests and clients; feel free to play your music or videos as loud as you want. The studio has a ten thousand watt heating system to set your temperature at any level you want. There are over forty colorful backdrops to choose from to match any of your ideas or clothing choices.

Award winning photographer, Giovanni Francis (Giovanni The Photographer), created this studio to offer a down-to-earth space where he could bring creative concepts to life. No matter what your specialty is whether it’s boudoir, newborn, portraits, headshots, family portraits, product / merchandise photography, glamour, fashion, film or video, Boston Studio Rental will feel relaxing and comfortable. Boston Studio Rentals has what you need to blow your clients away!

It's perfect for corporate / business gigs, interviews and video production commercials. Located on the ground floor, it has a 9 foot wide loading dock door, facing south, which allows for fresh air and natural light. In addition to allowing for convenient loading and unloading, and the ability to accommodate larger props. The Studio is available to other working artists as well as student artists at affordable hourly rental prices.

Again, our photography studio is completely operational featuring an incredible paper background system with over 40 colors to choose from as well as vinyl backdrops.

Offering both studio and equipment rental, we can supply whatever other photography equipment you need including lighting, grip equipment and more. See below for a list of all of our equipment.

Boston Studio Rentals is conveniently located just 15 minutes south of Boston, close to Route 3A, free parking, and easy access to major highways. You can rent this space 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at a reasonable rate outside of the hectic city. Rent the studio by the half day, full day, week or hour. Book your photo studio rental today!

Here is how the studio works:

  1. You can book, call, or email us today!

  2. You must fill out a questionnaire so we can have the appropriate gear ready for you

  3. We will ensure that the studio is clean and ready for your shoot and session

Photo Studio Rental Highlights:

  • Studio space is $49.99 an hour. Monthly memberships are also available.

  • Available to Rent: Available 24/7 for half day or full day. For multi-day shoots, equipment can be safely left in the studio overnight. 

  • Over 640 sq. ft. shooting space with 12 foot high ceiling

  • South Facing (9 foot wide) loading dock door (can be opened for natural light)

  • Plenty of parking available

  • Hair makeup / prep area on second floor

  • Changing area

  • Sound system  


Our photography studio comes fully equipped with any photography or videography equipment you may need including: tripods and camera support systems, multi color paper backgrounds, strobe lighting systems, reflectors, soft boxes, weights, cables and various props. Pre-order all of your equipment so that our we can have it ready for you. Make your studio rental seamless and enjoyable for a more professional look with your clients. *Each price below is per session.

  • 70 inch 4K TV Monitor (for viewing live photos or live video on site. HDMI and SDI are available) - Free

  • 40 Colored Paper Backdrops / Muslins - (White is included / FREE with Booking!)

  • PHOTOGRAPHY LIGHTS - Flash Strobe Lighting Package - For Nikon / Canon / Sony - (FREE with Booking!)

    • (4) 600WS Studio Strobes - ORLIT RoveLight RT 600AC TTL Studio Monolights - Bowens mount

    • (2) Wireless radio remotes (to trigger strobes / make strobes flash)

  • VIDEO LIGHTS - (3) 1000W Fresnel Tungsten Light with Built-In Dimmer Control and Stands (FREE with Booking!)

  • Light stands (FREE with Booking!)

    • (5) Wall mounted boom arms (Reduces clutter on studio space and for holding speedlights, flashes, mics, etc)

    • Heavy-duty lighting Century C Stand with folding legs (Currently unavailable)

  • Butler / Assistant available - $49.99 an hour with (2 hour minimum)

    • Butler / Assistant’s duties:

    • Retrieve equipment

    • Make sure you don’t forget anything

    • Hold and move lights

    • Set up and break down equipment

    • Ensure customers look their best by watching them for flaws

    • Help with cleaning 

    • Make runs or errands

    • Knowledgeable of studio space to offer guidance

Light modifiers (ALL FREE with Booking!)

  • (2) 60 inch white photography umbrella

  • 30 inch white photography umbrella

  • (2) 20 wide by 5 feet long White seamless diffusion fabric for photography or video

  • Reflector package (Access to all reflectors)

    • 7 inch reflector

    • Snoot

    • 5 inch reflector

    • Honey combs (for directing light beams)

  • 5 in 1 reflector / diffuser with stand

    • 5 choices (White, gold, silver, black and 50% white scrim)

  • 30 inch soft box Bowens mount or speedlight hot shoe mount

  • CTO Gel (Color Temperature Orange) or CTB Gel (Color Temperature Blue)

Stabilizer Equipment

  • Steadicam Vest - Arm - and Gimbal - $49.99

  • 8 foot Video Jib Crane - $69.99

  • High powered Fan (Makes a model's hair blow- $13.99

Photo or Video Gear:

  • 7” monitors - $9.99

  • 1 Par64 Can with 1000w or 500w Bulbs - $14.99

  • Gaffer Tape - $9.99

Other Cool Studio Props:

  • Smoke machine - $24.99

  • Disco Ball - $12.99

  • Chauvet DJ COLORpalette RGB Wash Panel - $29.99

  • Heat Gloves - $4.99

  • Any Animal Mask - $49.99

Need a place to practice you music or dance?

  • Boston Studio Rentals also offers practice space for band and dance teams!


Photos taken in Boston Studio Rental 

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Behind The Scenes at Boston Studio Rental

  • Pod-Cast Space

  • TV Show Space

Every one of our clients is uniquely important and it is our goal to always deliver 5-star service.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most supreme possible quality of service in a professional, comfortable, and laid-back studio environment. Every project we take on is of the highest importance to us, regardless of the project size or budget.

Here at Boston Studio Rental, we are passionate about podcasts and TV show rentals for the information they provide, the insight, the stories, and the remarkable people we get to meet along the way. Whether you are a business owner, political figure, activist, or blogger, there are so many people with amazing stories and it’s an honor to be able to assist you in telling them during your podcast or TV show. When you’re ready we’re here to help you share your story through original content while capturing your experiences in our one of a kind studio space.

Boston Studio Rental is the perfect place for you to do your pod cast or TV show. Let us help you create your vision using video or audio only. Boston Studio Rental has remarkable sound proofing although not completely sound proof. It’s the perfect size and location to capture your story. It can hold an audience of up to fourty guests. There is professional lighting throughout to make you look like a star.

With low monthly rental prices make Boston Studio Rentals your home for your next pod cast or TV show rental.